Why You Should Choose Us

Yanshi and Company is one of the most quality-conscious construction company. Since 1993, the company’s expertise has been repeatedly showcased on projects which involved a major advance in construction technology. The Proprietor and staff of the company have a long rich and varied experience in the construction field varying from industrial / Factory works. Mass Residential Housing Development work ,Roads.


Yanshi and Company will be the company of first choice in the Construction Industry. Sincere & enthusiastic efforts,backed by systematic working has been the fulcrum of successful completion of each & every project client satisfaction stays the main goal of individualistic concepts / requirement.


Fostering an environment that helps in the creation of knowledge & its application to work. The greatest asset of any organisation is the sum total of knowledge existing across the length & breadth of its employees and operations. 

Quality Policy

The company is committied to ensure that at all costs quality standards are maintaining at the highest. The Organisation firmly believes that the process of improvisation is a continuous and never a destination reached for good. Prevailing Quality Assurance Systems Check list to ensure effective quality system.
Work instructions for activities involved especially to the actual execution labour / operation.
Daily follow-up to check implementation of the above .
Compressive strength test for concrete, mortar,bricks,Tensil Strength of steel


Yanshi and Company has continued to provide construction services Since 1993 and firmly belives that SAFETY is an essential and integral part of every operation and activity. Provides a safe working environment to enable all company activities to be performed in a manner that reduces risk to all employees, other workers. Comply with all central, state and local statutory provisions pertaining to Safety, Health and Environment. Maintain all equipment, office and job site . Provide instruction, supervision and training to ensure the Health and Safety at work of all employees.